Applied Behavior Analysis, commonly known as ABA therapy, is the leading, research-based methodology proven to REACH individuals diagnosed with the challenges of autism and learning disabilities.


ABA techniques bring about positive, meaningful changes for growth in positive behaviors, including language and communication skills, attention, social skills, and maintaining focus.

ABA uses data to determine the effectiveness of programs once treatment protocols are in place with the collaboration of families. The goal of ABA therapy is to have the learner master skills to generalization, which means that the learner is proficient in the skill to the extent that he/she performs the skill independently across different settings and people.


At REACH, we provide ABA services in the homes of our clients, at their schools, or in our clinic. A BCBA, or Board Certified Behavior Analyst, will meet with you and your child to determine the right treatment that is individualized to meet your child’s needs.

ABA treatment at REACH may include areas such as:

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Our team offers collaborative, evidence-based therapy approaches to an array of clients with developmental challenges in our outpatient clinic, daycares, homes, and schools.

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