Did you know that infants and toddlers 0-3 years old can begin receiving therapy and other strategic services to help with their growth and learning challenges?


Early Intervention is used to describe any type of support available for babies with developmental delays or other challenges along their development path. At REACH, we proudly offer EI to ensure that we can begin working with your children to REACH beyond challenges as early in their lives as possible.

If a child qualifies for EI services, our therapists and team work with a Service Coordinator and parents to develop a plan of care that focuses on parent-led goals. Parents and caregivers are a baby’s first teachers, so EI therapy is provided in the child’s natural environment. This allows for constant interaction, as well as education and participation with parents and caregivers. We provide services in a child‘s home, daycare, local community (park or library, etc.), or in our clinic, as needed.


Early Intervention is a government-funded service and is therefore entirely free of charge for children who qualify, based on their needs. Service coordination for EI, along with other support and services, is provided by partners at First Connections.

EI Services at REACH (for infants and toddlers 0-3) could include:

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Our team offers collaborative, evidence-based therapy approaches to an array of clients with developmental challenges in our outpatient clinic, daycares, homes, and schools.

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