The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), designed by Dr. Stephen Porges, is a five-day auditory therapy used to enhance social engagement and resilience while reducing stress and auditory sensitivity. It is based on Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and nearly four decades of research on the connection between social-emotional processes and the autonomic nervous system.  SSP stimulates the nervous system through auditory pathways, specifically the two cranial nerves that are responsible for promoting social behavior.  The music used in SSP has been altered to focus on the frequency of human speech, enabling the client to improve processing of speech-related frequencies.  The input received in SSP also improves self-regulation, attention, and the ability to socially engage.

In just five days, significant improvements can be seen in the following areas: 

Clients who receive SSP are frequently better able to experience a calmed emotional and physiological state. This improves the ability to focus and function in all environments, including school, home, and the community.

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